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Our lubricant packages and One Pack are fine pelleted homogeneous formulations containing 100 % active ingredients . Are made according to customer requirements and are designed for specific uses.


For extrusion of rigid PVC formulations (hydraulic pipe , sanitary and conduit) .

content :

• Fusion Promoter
• Internal Lubricants
• External Lubricants
• Heat Stabilizer (for the one pack that can be tin other calcium zinc)
• We can also add other optional additives, required by the customer .

Benefits :

• Improved mechanical properties of the final product given the low level of PHR .
• It is designed to be used only as a lubricant additive for a typical mixture of PVC , CaCO3 , TiO2 and tin stabilizer .
• Minimize the loss of material due to its low volatility contributing to a better working environment .
• Reduce human error in formulating , prevents are weighing the components individually.
• Savings in production costs due to its low dosage ( low PHR ) , less labor , reduced chances of error and variability reduction in the mixtures.

is a dust free product do to the presentation » pellets » :

• Easy handling and reduces material waste.
• Allows you to work in a more clean, free of dust , which reduces the potential risk of explosions , protecting the safety of the operators.
• Facilitates compliance with environmental standards required by certain companies and countries, to eliminate pollution caused by dust.

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