The paper through different processing companies is converted into boxes and all kinds of containers, bags, notebooks, envelopes, etc .; books and newspapers, catalogs, brochures are printed, and hygienic and sanitary products are manufactured. There are endless products for the most diverse applications based on special papers

Within the range of raw materials that are used in the paper industry, you can find the Calcium Stearate Dispersion. This product is a white liquid, with a milky appearance and it’s focused on the manufacture of coated paper, improving its printability, gloss and smoothness. It also prevents dust during supercalendering. When supercalendering is not required, our product provides an excellent finish.

CSM developed the SIERRACOTE DP-014 Calcium Stearate Dispersion which, has outstanding characteristics, such as low cost and its particle size, which imparts maximum dispersion stability. In addition, it avoids environmental contamination because its presentation is liquid.


  • Additive for the Calendering process when making the Paper, lengthens the life of the paper giving a suitable appearance.
  • Coating for corrugated cardboard used in the packaging industry (electronic parts, automotive, food).
  • Processes that seek to eliminate the use of Calcium Stearate in powder, since its liquid presentation avoids environmental contamination due to dust.

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