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Monoestearato de Glicerilo

Thanks to the R&D Team at Corporación Sierra Madre and the constant improvement to which the company is committed. Sierra Madre is pleased to announce that we are launching a new product: Glyceryl Monostearate. (GMS for short, MEG in spanish)

Sierralub MEG 40 is the newest addition to our Sierralub family, and its wide range of applications makes it one of the most versatile glycerin esters on the market. Some of the functions of MEG are: emulsifying agent, anticaking agent, antistatic and thickener. Sierralub MEG 40 is also a process additive that works as an internal lubricant for rigid PVC, used in pipes and injection parts.

This is just the first of its kind for our company, and very soon we will be introducing other versions to suit the different profiles of our customers. You can find Sierralub MEG 40 as a fine white to off-white granular. Contact our sales representatives for more information.

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