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Within the construction industry, specifically in coatings, products are sought that can protect buildings against external elements such as heat or rain and thus achieve the desired comfort within them.

Stearates or metallic soaps function as a very important additive to ensure that coatings such as adhesives or stuccoes can achieve the aforementioned effects. Due to their hydrophobic characteristics, these additives can achieve moisture repellency on treated surfaces. We work with each client to deliver solutions that are productive, profitable and effective.

To achieve the necessary degree of repellency, it is very important to have efficient mixing mechanisms to ensure that the Stearates can be integrated with the rest of the components that make up the mixture. The longer you mix, the better results will be achieved.

On the other hand, if it is required to increase productivity in the works and achieve better performance, we have Oleates which are hydrophobic reactive additives which, when in contact with water and the calcium salts, they form hydrophobic compounds that provide greater performance.

Our Stearates and Oleates are distinguished by achieving:

• Low moisture absorption content

• High productivity in your application

• Reduce variability in its characteristics

• High dispersibility in physical mixtures

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The automotive industry is crucial for the economic development of any country, which is why many resources are invested every year in technological innovations, whether in terms of performance, safety, aesthetics, and durability.

Many of these innovations are achieved by the value of the additives that are used to create the compounds that come to form the different automotive parts such as mats, fenders, dashboards, hoses, cables, headlights, brake pads, casings and even the paint.

Aware of this, at Corporacion Sierra Madre we have different additives such as:


  • Calcium and Zinc Stearates for Thermosetting SMC/BMC
  • Calcium stearates for electrical cables
  • Special zinc stearates for paints
  • Zinc stearates designed for the rubber industry
  • Lithium and Zinc stearates for the manufacture of balatas
  • Anti Scratch additives for PP parts such as boards, shells, etc.
  • Antioxidants and UV Protectors extend the useful life of plastics
  • Manufacturing additives for rubber/rubber compounds such as Stearic Acid and Zinc Oxide

Our products are manufactured following the highest quality standards. Our quality is backed by different certifications such as ISO 9001, NSF, REACH, HALAL, among others.

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Plastics are part of our daily lives, they are found everywhere whether in automotive components, household appliances, packaging, as well as in electronic and telecommunications products. However, modern plastics cannot be conceived without the right additives. Their quality and performance depend largely on the type of additives used.

Within these additives we can find process aids, antistatic agents, nucleating agents, lubricants, antioxidants and stabilizers, pigments, impact modifiers and flame retardants, among many others.

At Corporacion Sierra Madre, knowing that additives are crucial in the performance of modern plastics, we have dedicated ourselves to using raw materials of the highest quality when manufacturing our products that are intended for this application, always taking care of the surroundings and the environment.

In our portfolio you can find solutions for:

• Transportation/handling of rubber/rubber pellets

• Polymer powders PP, PS, HDPE, LDPE, EPS

• Lubricants for ABS, PS, PP and GPPS

• Sanitary/hydraulic rigid PVC pipe

• PVC Profiles / Shutters

• Compounds and Masterbatches

• Thermosetting polymers SMC, BMC.

• Processing of Polyolefins (PE, PP)

We have +150 products between Stearates, Blends to process polyolefins, Polyethylene Waxes, Oxidized Waxes, Ethylene Bis Stearamide (EBS) Waxes, Lubricant Packages and One Pack Systems. Additionally, we offer you other related additives such as Stearic Acid, Antioxidants, UV Protectors, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide and many other additives.

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Animal Feed

Feed additives help address the nutritional needs of cattle as well as address nutrient deficiencies that affect the growth rate of such animals as well as their health and well-being.

According to recent studies, it has been discovered that combining the content of Palmitic Acid (C16) and Stearic Acid (C18), both 100% saturated Fatty Acids, are necessary in the Long Chain Fatty Acids supplement to obtain a maximum response in the lactation process.

At CSM we have developed special Calcium Stearates for animal feed and can be added directly to the portion of mixed feed for cows or used in the manufacture of feed compounds.

Our Calcium Stearate for animal feed is manufactured using saturated fatty acids derived from palm oil as the main ingredient, which are reacted to obtain a high-performance product that has an adequate balance between Palmitic Acid (C16) and Stearic Acid (C18). As it is a 100% vegetable product, it is free of BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy). It does not contain GMO and complies with the FDA 21 CFR 573.280 standard, free of Chick-edema. It is also regulated and approved by the National Regulations to be used in milk production.

It has the following benefits:

• Prevents hardening and leaching of prepared foods caused by moisture absorption.

• Provides between 30~40% more energy, which translates into higher milk production.

• The Rumen does not require energy to process them, it is digested faster

• Does not provide trans acids to the diet

• It can be added directly to the portion of mixed feed for cows or used in the manufacture of feed compounds.

We also have Kosher certified 100% vegetable Palmitic Acid (C16), which is widely used for milk production. This additive has been proposed as an effective tool to increase the percentage of fat in milk by increasing protein and lactose in milk, promoting a positive energy balance.

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Paper y Carboard

Through different processing companies, the paper is converted into boxes and all kinds of containers, bags, notebooks, envelopes, etc.; books and newspapers, catalogs, brochures are printed, and hygienic and sanitary products are manufactured. There are endless products for the most diverse applications based on special papers.

Within the range of raw materials that are used in the paper industry, is the Calcium Stearate Dispersion. This product is a white liquid with a milky appearance and is focused on the manufacture of coated paper, improving its printability, brightness and smoothness. It also prevents dust during supercalendering. When supercalendering is not required, our product provides an excellent finish.

Sierra Madre Corporation has different Calcium Stearate dispersions whose outstanding characteristics are their low cost and their particle size, which imparts maximum dispersion stability. In addition, its use avoids environmental contamination because its presentation is liquid.

Its main uses are:

• Additive for the calendering process when making the paper, it lengthens the life of the paper, giving it a suitable appearance.

• Coating for corrugated cardboard used in the packaging industry (electronic parts, automotive, food).

• Processes that seek to eliminate the use of powdered Calcium Stearate, since its liquid presentation prevents environmental contamination due to dust.

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The paints and sealants market serves different industries, such as construction and automotive.

Within the construction industry one of the main applications is as a sealant. Our product generates a waterproof barrier that prevents the entry or exit of any type of material or substance. The sealant is capable of completely filling the spaces, gaps, cavities existing in the surfaces, allowing a better application and therefore greater performance of the paint.

At CSM, after years of development and innovation, we managed to provide specialized products for this industry, with products of the highest quality and stability that allow users to obtain the expected final finish. Zinc Stearate is also used in the manufacture of sealants as a thixotropic agent for nitrocellulose, polyurethane and polyester-based sealants.

The properties that distinguish our products are the following:

• Fine particle

• It’s transparent

• Great dispersion capacity

• Help when sanding

• Viscosity stability

• Water repellency

• Does not dissolve in water, alcohol and ethers.

• Acts as a thickener

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At CSM we have worked in the cable industry for more than 20 years, manufacturing lubricants and stabilizers for different needs.

The characteristics that distinguish us are:

• Heat stability and resistance

• Color stability

• Long-term stability

• Isolation

• Processability

• Mechanical properties

• Improved electrical properties

• Dispersion

Our lubricants and stabilizers have specific characteristics to adapt to the respective application such as: automotive, electronics, telecommunications and heating lines.

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Wire Drawing

Wire is an element that often goes unnoticed, however, like many products, it is very necessary for different industries from construction, agriculture or even the automotive industry.

The wires can be found in:

• Annealed wire for construction

• Engineering mesh

• Nails

• Welded Mesh

• Castles

• Rods

• Stapes

• Armor

• Barbed wire

• Graduated mesh

• staples

Now, regardless of the application, all wire needs to be processed through an industrial process called “drawing”. Which consists of performing cold drawing by means of drawing machines.

The most critical point during wire production is the interaction formed by the die, the wire and the drawing speed. In this process, a lot of friction is generated, which in turn causes wear of the tooling (die), reducing its useful life.

For this reason, it is very necessary to have a good lubrication system that allows “to minimize the wear of lubricated surfaces, the heat generated by friction, energy consumption and the negative impact on the environment when it is finally discarded”. If the lubricant is not suitable for the metal (alloy) – die interaction, they would be in contact causing surface and/or microstructural defects.

The influence of lubricants and their choice is therefore an important aspect that every wire manufacturer must consider.

Lubricants for wire drawing are made up of Calcium and/or Sodium Soaps as well as special additives. At Corporacion Sierra Madre we have different grades of lubricants that are characterized by the type of soap, its melting temperature and granulometry in which you can find the right balance between cost/benefit. Likewise, we have the capacity to develop customized lubricants according to your needs.

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