Calcium-Zinc Stabilizers

Stabilizers are essential in the formulation to production processes in the PVC industry, they assist in the thermal stability of the process and also improve the lifetime of the finished product.

Corporacion Sierra Madre has developed Calcium-Zinc based stabilizers which can be can sold individually or mixed in a package such as a one pack.
These Calcium- Zinc based one packs and stabilizers are intended both for injection or extrusion of rigid and flexible PVC.

Corporacion Sierra Madre has several Calcium-Zinc based one packs and stabilizers that can be used for:

  • Rigid PVC Extrusion (blinds, construction profiles, pipes, etc.)
  • lasticized PVC Extrusion such as cables

We have an R & D department for our clients who need a lubricant package with special features.

In recent years there have been great efforts to develop lead-free stabilizers due to international market requirements and environmental aspects, in order to support this cause, Corporacion Sierra Madre launches more options for their customers.

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