Glycerol Monostearate


Glycerol Monostearate (GMS), also known as monostearine, is the glycerol ester of stearic acid. It is widely used as an internal lubricant for PVC and as an emulsifier for some food industry formulations. It is also used as an anti-fogging or anti-caking agent. It is presented as a fine granular powder.


    • Process additive as an internal lubricant for PVC.
    • Antistatic agent in paints.
    • Emulsifier and stabilizer in creams and ointments.
    • Thickener in soaps, lotions and creams.
    • Gelling agent in oily vehicles.
    • Emulsifier for confections, diary products, fats and oils.
    • Increases aeration in creams and stabilizes margarine emulsions.
    • Improves bread structure and adds softness to baked goods.
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