Blend for Polyolefins


The dust-free pellets are homogeneous pelleted formulations containing 100% active ingredients, with a low heat history,  made according to customer requirements and designed for specific uses.


Work as an additive in the manufacture of polyolefins.


  • Helps prevent degradation of raw materials.
  • Ensures product quality, as it reduces process variability.
  • Reduced potential for human error in the formulation.
  • Easier to handle it, because of the granular presentation.
  • Allows work in a cleaner environment, dust free, which reduces the potential risks of explosions.
  • Meets the environmental standards required by certain companies and countries to eliminate pollution caused by dust.
  • Require less dosage, therefore, use less power and reduces the number of operations.
  • Reduced inventory of additives.
  • Simplify the administrative process and shopping additives separately.


Granular pellets and the color Depends on the formulation.


  • One or more neutralizing agents residues used in polymerization.
  • One or more stabilizers based organic phosphites.
  • One or more UV filters based on HALS to protect the polymer against degradation.
  • They may also contain other optional additives required by the client, such as nucleating agents, antistatic agents, slip agents and others.
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