Zinc Stearate



Fine Powder or Granular presentation  of the reacction form a fatty acid and a zinc salt, it is not soluble in polar solvents such as alcohol and ether , but soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons . It is the best release agent among all stearates. Not contain electrolytes and presnts a hydrophobic effect.

Thanks to its properties as a stabilizer and lubricant is used for the plastics industry , rubber (rubber) , paints and varnishes.


  • Secondary stabilizer for PVC.
  • PS Antistatic lubricant for expanded polystyrene glass.
  • Anti-caking agent for extruded rubber.
  • Anti-caking agent for rubber sheets.
  • Antistatic polymer granules.
  • Anti-caking  powder  for different aplications.
  • Powder metallurgy lubricant.
  • Wood sealers additive.
  • Matting for paints.
  • Release Agent for PE, PP, PS, urea-formaldehyde, phenol- formaldehyde and polyester.


In his Granular from have the following advantages:

  • Reduce material waste and makes it easier to handle.
  • Contributes to the low variability of the process , ensuring that products meet the required specifications.
  • Allows compliance with environmental standards set by some companies and countries, due to the elimination of dust contamination.
  • Lets work on a cleaner environment and reduces the risk of explosion caused by dust.
  • Minimizes changes in dosage and drag losses.

In his fine Pellet  have the following advantages:

  • Uniform particle size.
  • Excellent dispersibility when mixed with other ingredients.
  • Low content in soluble salts.
  • High contat area.


Polyethylene bag or kraft paper ( 20kg , 25kg , or 50 lbs ) supersacks ( in capacities according to the needs of our customers).

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