Potassium Stearate


A creamy white powder. made of the reaction of a fatty acid and a potassium salt,  It is Soluble in ethanol, methanol and hot water, insoluble in mineral oil, esters and waxes.

Used as a primary cleaning agent, lubricant and / or stabilizer in polyolefins, PVC and manufacture of acrylic rubber and styrene.

Presentation: Powder or granular presentation (depending on the customer specification).


  • Gelling agent to make deodorant sticks.
  • Thickening agent for creams, balms and ointments.
  • Thickening agent for liquids.
  • Thickening agent for shampoo and hair gel.
  • Telling agents for suppositories.
  • Antistatic for polymers.
  • Anionic surfactant.
  • Emulsifier for plastic ABC.



Kraft paper bags (20 kg, 25 kg or 50 lbs) or supersacks (in capacities according to the needs of our customers).

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