Lithium Stearate


Lithium stearate is hydrophilic, and swells in solvents. Moreover, because of its long fatty acid chains, lithium stearate leaves only minimal residue following heat treatment. It is also known as Lithium Soap


Presentation: Powder


  • Thickener for natural and synthetic oils.
  • Raises the melting point and enhances the elasticity of microcrystalline waxes and paraffin.
  • Manufacture of light weight metal moldings.
  • Lithium soaps are used as lubricating grease thickeners in high temperature applications.
  • They have higher melting points than conventional sodium and potassium soaps (drop point of 180 ° C and maximum service temperature of 140 ° C).
  • Greases with thickeners are resistant to loss of consistency and leakage. They have excellent anti-rust and corrosion properties.
  • They have a moderate resistance to water.
  • Additives in these fats work better than in other media.
  • It has excellent sealing properties.


Kraft paper bags (20kg, 25kg or 50 lbs) or supersacks. (In capacity according to the needs of our customers).

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