Calcium Stearate

Description :

White powder of the reaction of a fatty acid with calcium salts . The appearance is creamy fine powder or granular with a slight odor of caramel , slightly soluble in hot water. Is an internal lubricant or fusion promoter . also can be used as a co- stabilizer and is  widely used  for  rigid and flexible PVC extrusion industry formulations. we also have a NSF cerftify Calcium Stearate  for PVC extrusion.


    • Fusion Promoter and stabilizer for PVC.
    • Lubricant for ABS and PS .
    • Neutralizer catalyst residues in PE and PP .
    • Anti-caking agent for » rubber pellets » .
    • Antistatic for polymer.
    • Waterproofing for concrete.
    • Ingredient for paper coatings .
    • Anti-caking agent for powder fire extinguisher .
    • Anti-caking agent for various powders .
    • Additive against secondary efflorescence on concrete.


In granular form have the following advantages.-

      • Reduce material waste and makes it easier to handle .
      • Contributes to the low variability of the process , ensuring that products meet the required specifications.
      • Enables compliance with environmental standards set by some companies and countries, due to the elimination of dust contamination .
      • Allows work in a cleaner environment and reduces the risk of explosion caused by dust.
      • Minimize changes in dosage and drag losses .

In its Fine Pellet have the following advantages . –

      • uniform particle size .
      • Excellent dispersibility in mixing with other ingredients.
      • Low content in soluble salts.
      • bigger contact Area.

Aqueous Dispersion has the following advantages . –

      • Prevents pellet particles sticking together.
      • Enables operation of liquid-based stearate .
      • Elimination of dust pollution.



Polyethylene bag or kraft paper ( 20 kg , 25 kg or 50 lbs ) supersacks ( in capacities according to the needs of our customers ) .

calcio y zinc



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